Rebar is the name given to steel reinforcement bars, or steel reinforcing rods. These are commonly used throughout the building industry to strengthen concrete and, as such, have many applications in the construction sector. Here at NextDaySteel, we supply high-quality steel reinforcement products, suitable for a wide range of construction projects. Produced to meet the highest industry standards, they are reliable, durable, and robust.

What is Steel Reinforcement Bars or Rebar?
In layman’s terms, rebar or steel reinforcement bar is a thin rod of toughened steel (or a collection of same) embedded into concrete structures to provide improved tensile strength. The principal benefit of using rebar in concrete is to make it more resistant to tension forces. Concrete is highly durable when it comes to compression forces being applied to it, such as the extensive weight of a building on its concrete foundations. However, tension forces acting along the length of the concrete in question can easily cause damage to even the thickest piece, without adequate reinforcement. This is why we use rebar in concrete piers, for instance. The concrete can handle the weight of the pier, its buildings, and its visitors without any problem – reinforced or not. However, the action of the waves pushing against the long edge of those pier legs would soon cause irreparable damage without the rebar adding strength and resilience to them.

Different projects require different thicknesses of reinforcement bars. We supply a wide selection of rebar reinforcement:

  • T8 Rebar - 8mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
  • T10 Rebar - 10mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
  • T12 Rebar - 12mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
  • T16 Rebar - 16mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
  • T20 Rebar - 20mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
  • T25 Rebar - 25mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
  • T32 Rebar - 32mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
  • T40 Rebar - 40mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
High-quality reinforcement bars

All our steel reinforcement bars are produced to meet the standards set under BS4449 (2005) by the British Standards Institution. These regulations are for the manufacture of steel for the reinforcement of concrete. Our compliance with these standards is your guarantee of a safe and reliable product.

As well as our high-quality rebar, we provide a selection of spacers and other accessories, designed to assist in the embedding of your steel reinforcing rods into concrete. Whatever rebar you need, you can find it at NextDaySteel. Order directly from our online store, or call us on 020 3823 6993 to discuss your specifications.