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Durable plastic mesh spacers for mesh supportClose-up view of durable plastic mesh spacers applied in ground slab reinforcement
Plastic Mesh Spacers
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2KG coil of annealed tying wire, expertly coiled for construction and binding applicationsStack of black annealed tying wire coils, ready for construction use
Black Annealed Tying Wire Coil
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Robust double-cover concrete spacers for stable reinforcement in construction projectsSturdy spacers for concrete reinforcement, ensuring robust construction support
Double Cover Concrete Spacers
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Rebar Tie Wire Twisting Tool, expertly securing rebar in a construction environment.
Rebar Tie Wire Twisting Tool
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Black polythene Damp Proof Membrane for construction moisture barrier.
Damp Proof Membrane (DPM)
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200mm nipper pliers with red grip handles
Nipper Pliers 200mm
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Plastic Wheel Spacer for reinforcement, versatile sizes, ideal for construction beams and columns.
Plastic Wheel Spacer
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Steel Road Form Pins in various sizes, essential for construction and roadwork, securing forms during concrete pouringSteel Road Form Pin, crucial for concrete alignment in construction projects, offering stability and durability.
Steel Road Form Pins
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D49 steel reinforcement mesh, 2.5mm wire, for enhanced floor strengthD49 wrapping mesh in 2.5mm steel wire for robust concrete support
Wire Snake Mesh Spacers for durable, easy concrete slab reinforcement, ensuring DPM safety.Close-up view of Snake Spacers in use, demonstrating their seamless integration with reinforcement mesh
Wire Snake Spacers
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Nipper pliers, 280mm long, with a tight grip for precise handling
Nipper Pliers 280mm
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T25 Rebar - 25mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
Steel Fencing Pins with Point and hook, Ideal for Barrier SetupCurly top steel pin for secure Barrier Fencing Mesh installation
20mm steel dowel bar for enhanced concrete joint stability and load distribution.12mm mild steel dowel bar for concrete joints, offering durability and stress reduction in pavements
Dowel Bars
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T32 Rebar - 32mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
Durable expansion joint filler foam roll, ideal for concrete and masonry projects.Robust expansion joint foam for brickwork, blockwork, and concrete stability.
Expansion Joint Foam
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T40 Rebar - 40mm High Tensile Reinforcement Bar
Dowel sleeve in use for easy dowel bar debonding in slab joinery.Pvc dowel bar sleeves in 4 sizes - 100-pack for concrete slab construction
Dowel Bar Sleeves - Pack of 100
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High-performance Frost Blanket for efficient concrete curing in cold weather
Concrete Frost Blanket
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Everbuild Stick2 Contact Adhesive Spray 500ml - versatile, strong bonding solution for various materials.Contact Adhesive Spray - Multi-surface bonding, high-strength formula, 500ml.
High-quality B385 steel mesh, essential for concrete structural integrityTop-grade B385 steel mesh for concrete structural reinforcement
Concrete Square Bar Spacers - 1m Length
Concrete Square Bar Spacers - 1m Length
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Durable orange barrier fencing mesh, 1m x 50m, for secure site perimeters.Close-up view of durable, orange safety barrier fencing mesh for safety and security.
Blue Circle General Purpose Cement 25kg - Ideal for concrete, mortar, screeds, and renders.
Large Ballast bag for mixing concrete, perfect for solid foundations in driveways, pathways, and patios
25L Solcure Sealer WB, quick-drying, water-based concrete sealing compound, suitable for all surfaces.
Eco-friendly 25L concrete curing agent, ensuring durable and efficient moisture retention.
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Large Universal Flats Large Universal Flats
Steel Flat Bar
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Cold Formed Rectangles Cold Formed Rectangles
Rectangular Hollow Sections
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Cold Formed Squares Cold Formed Squares
Square Hollow Sections
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Cold Formed Circles Cold Formed Circles
Circular Hollow Sections
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Bearing Piles Bearing Piles
Universal Bearing Piles
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Unequal Angles Unequal Angles
Unequal Angles
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Equal Angles Equal Angles
Equal Angles
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Parallel Flange Channels Parallel Flange Channels
Parallel Flange Channels
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Universal Beams Universal Beams
Universal Beams
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Universal Columns Universal Columns
Universal Columns
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